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NA Philosophy

The list below outlines some of the more important tenets that form the foundation of the NAHL-pgh. It is important that everyone in the league agrees with and demonstrates these principles on the ice. Please take a few moments and read them. Thanks!


  1. ATTITUDE - First and foremost, all players invited to play in the NAHL will have a positive attitude and no history of disruptive play.  The league requires no contact  (as opposed to no-checking) and NO bad attitude!
  2. SKILL LEVEL - This lg is not for beginners players.  During the probationary season, the new players will be rated by the rating committee and assessed a number and letter rating for the ensuing seasons.
  3. ATTENDANCE - Due to the 12 skater per team rule we have for most seasons attendance is VERY important!  If you feel you cannot attend 75% of your games overall, this league may not be for you. 
  4. AGE REQUIREMENT - All participants must be age 35 and over unless grandfathered in during the inaugural season 
  5. TEAM SELECTION/COMPETITIVENESS - Our number one priority with regard to the teams is to make all teams balanced in every season to keep the games competitive.  Drafts will alternate in format from complete random blind draw by skill level to NHL All-Star Captain’s Draft where captains will have the ability to pick and choose who they want whether that be for buddies or skill to Salary Cap Drafts where captains must manage a player cap level as they navigate the team selection process.  While we want players to play with their friends, the league is more in favor of balance than anything else.  One advantage of  this is to dramatically reduces the animosity that can build up between team rivalries. 
  6. USA HOCKEY RULES/PENALTY LIMITS/ DISCIPLINE - We take this reduced contact and penalty limit concept very seriously.  The league will not hesitate to permanently suspend any player from the league for what it determines is unacceptable behavior or exceeding the established  guidelines. No refunds will be made regardless of when it happens.  The refs are instructed to call a tighter version of USAH rules with additional attention to stick slashing penalties.  Any player that exceeds the specific leagues penalty minute limit will be suspended for his teams first playoff game.  Any player that reaches the secondary limit in one season will be suspended for the entire playoffs plus four additional games that will be served at the discretion of the leagues committee.  This suspension can extend into the next season if necessary. No questions asked. (see rules in About the NAHL)
  7. PROBATIONARY SEASON - Each new player will participate on a probationary basis.  No exceptions.  The committee will vote on each probationary player after it deems they have enough playing history to determine if  permanent playing status should be extended to the player.  If accepted, approved player will be expected to pay the one time non-refundable registration fee of $75.00.  This fee helps offset indirect operational expenses such as jersey purchases/replacements, league management software and other miscellaneous expenses aside from ice time and officials.  This fee also acts as a “seat license” and holds the player’s spot for future seasons, unless the player opts out of the league.
  8. PLAYOFFS/POST SEASON GAMES - All teams regardless of place in the standings, will get at least one post-season game.  The top 6 finishing teams in the regular season will vie for the "Stanley Can." The 7th and 8th place teams will play a consolation game. We are excited to have playoffs.  We all know that sometimes players can get a little more aggressive during the playoffs.  We will continue to have playoffs so long as the games are played the same way the regular season games are played.
  9. SHIFTS -  In order to keep the game at a fast pace and also to be fair with ice -time, we recommend  60-75 second shifts.  Staying out too long only tires you out and further aggravates your teammates.
  10. REFEREES - We hand pick the best refs we can get. Please treat them with respect.  Their decisions are final and they have the full support and backing of league management.  If you have an issue with in game calls, you need to discuss in a respectful manner after the game or bring it to the committees attention so that they can handle it.
  11. SUBBING PROGRAM - Due to our small rosters, we employ a sub program so that captains can have full rosters for each game.  This program is open to approved players only and offers an opportunity for prospective players to get introduced to the league and it helps the committee vet players to consider for openings as a full member or a single season player that is filling in for a full member who skips a season for injury or personal reasons.

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